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Oil and aerosol on wood Lishi Lou series The Freedom Diaries The night was near and the air was still. It felt like time had stopped for one moment apart from the last light of the sun bursting through the clouds, holding onto its opportunity to the very end of the day. I felt inspired […]

Lost In Paradise

This is hands down the most intricate painting I have ever done! It took me a whole year to finish this because it had so many layers to it. The background I was initially going to paint it a little softer and blurry but there is something about my style of art, I seem to […]

Don’t Give up on the dream

This piece has been the first painting that I have ended out re-working on. Back in 2020 I thought I had finished this piece, but then I changed my mind! It was the first time I had painted a human figure before and I felt quite happy with my result but I didn’t feel my […]

How my ancestry has infulenced my art.

Sooo, ermm its 2022!! I have been working on my new collection for 2 years now!! Its been a slow but steady process, I have been diving deep into what my art is to me and how it helps me feel emotionally. My art has always been my rock through out my whole life, when […]

Finding Courage

Another Year! Wow what a year it has been. One filled with new challenges and I have definitely learned a lot this 2021. I have been trying to embrace change and not fight it, To push myself to remain positive and bring out the best I have in me. I have to be real and […]