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Super moon & De La Soul

We carried the hip hop road trip to Byron Bay. De La Soul is playin!! yes!! We got there and found out they had to post phone till Tues due to bad weather in Melbourne. Whaaat such standard kind of antics in our world. So we decided to do a tribute car park party by […]

Whaaaaat??? It’s D-day!… all go!

At least we have a great crew here now and an amazing selection of finely crafted food and beverages to enjoy. The sun is shining after a rain filled week and The Front Yard looks so fresh with it’s clean white walls and floorboards, the art hanging from the ceiling and a beautiful bouquet of […]

Crunch Time #sky29

My last bird has been stencilled and one final signature we are ready for the event. I can’t believe I am putting my brushes down. Thanks for the champagne B….. yewwe! Just over two weeks of final marketing and other detailing for the exhibition and IT IS ON!

Front Yard Represent

I instantly instantly felt at home when I met Tash (the owner) she is a fun loving free spirited gal. Also the home Zeppelin Barbers and Eye Styling with Grace, The Front Yard has quickly established a reputation for great hair and creative atmosphere. It’s amazing how like minded people enter your life, I believe that you really […]

The Sugar Skull

My sister introduced me to the sugar skull. I didn’t know much about them, but I seem to see them everywhere now! When she told me the meaning behind them I thought it was pretty cool! They represent the celebration of life and to honour the loss of your loved ones. So that is why […]

Yo Yo Yo!

I am writing this blog to relieve my creative O.C.D. that consumes my mind. So many ideas so little hours in the day! I have been hairdressing for 17 years which I really enjoy, I really love painting and anything creative, I also do a little stitching and have made a few hair pieces for racing […]