I haven’t forgotten about you!

Soooo all this time has passed on by and I haven’t dropped you a note and I apologise! Even now I feel like I am writing this on the run.

LIFE!! It’s so busy right?! I am surprised it has taken me this long to get going on my blog again.

But I’m telling you it had not been because of lack of focus.

Since I got back from NY I had visions and opportunities to work on that needed my full attention which meant devotion on my highest level.

I have 3 jobs, my hairdressing, my music, and my art. For the last 18months I have only had the odd Sunday off and the past 3 months I have worked 7 days a week and nights.

In the middle of all of this I had another operation on my ear (number 4) and can you believe it, for the first time in 5 years I have had success after 3 failed surgeries!

I had given up hope on ever feeling normal again, as when your ears are out of balance it can really affect the way you feel, but thankfully there are amazing and wonderfully skilled professionals out there such as my surgeon and as I write this now I still feel so grateful that as my ear heals I am feeling more vitality in myself each day.

I have had my fair share of challenges through this time. Getting back on top financially and emotionally.

So to put this in a positive way I hadn’t forgotten about writing this blog and although I have been in recovery, I’d like to call this time that I had been in discovery, not recovery.

Discovering me again, surrounding myself with good people and inspiring places.

I was escaping into my own world of art and seeking opportunities,

Like the lyrics in Stakes is High by De La Soul “Life can get all up in your ass baby you better work it out” and thats what I had to do…. and I have been workin on it hard!

I have many more things to share with you and exciting announcements to make. If you haven’t already jump on my instagram page @alishiafalleni to keep up also.

I hope this little write up inspired you in some way. You gotta do what you gotta do and there is only one you to do it. So go get that fire!

Back on the turntables baby!

Peace and love

Alishia x