Lost In Paradise

This is hands down the most intricate painting I have ever done! It took me a whole year to finish this because it had so many layers to it.

The background I was initially going to paint it a little softer and blurry but there is something about my style of art, I seem to be addicted to detail so I ended up painting so much fine line work into all the leaves on the trees.

Then came the basket ball court, I sculpted grainy texture onto the court to make it as realistic as I could, Street art on the concrete wall with a mini stencil that I made and sprayed on with aerosol.
I also painted a Warrior, on his horse I named him “Red Moon” my way of honouring the past and relevance to my family history. He is the warrior of dreams and vision quests when you need clarity.

The painting could have finished there but I still needed to paint the netting that fences in the basket ball court and this beautiful vine that grew upon it.

BIG JOB! But I actually enjoyed the continuous pattern of painting the netting in, it felt quite relaxing.

Now the vine, all these leaves!!! My OCD kicked in and I had to paint every single vain and crease on every single leaf it took me days on end, sunrise to sundown as I painted them in layer by layer. All up it took 3 months to finish this!

This is going to sound like a strange story but I am a bit of a creative weirdo so here we go.
As I was painting all these leaves it reminded me of this vivid dream I had one night, I was in this house and in the hallway there was this beautiful flower vine creeping up the wall, I went to look at it and it was so beautiful with these bright orange flowers flooding my eyes. All of a sudden the vine started to grow around me and I realised I was going to die because I was getting strangled by the branches wrapping around me, but I wasn’t scared I was so relaxed and totally surrendered to the fact that I was being taken by this total beauty I closed my eyes and then all of a sudden it released me and this beautiful woman was there telling me its not my time to go.
I then woke up in this most relaxed state like I had all this fear released from my body and I felt so good all day.

So as I was painting this leafy vine day in and day out it triggered my dream memory!
I decided although the flowers were white in my reference photo I wanted to paint one orange flower to satisfy my craving from this dream. Symbolising the release of fear.

I finished the flowers with citrine crystal to give them some magic.

Once again my art tells a story and it is a journey of memories and life events that grab my soul.

Here is the write up for this piece.

“Lost in Paradise”

When Finding your way through the day life can get lost with consistent thoughts weaving in and out.

Time moves on and the flowers still grow,
Gradually they start to enclose me with their beauty,
Encapsulating a new mindset like a bright orange flower in full bloom.

There is a warrior within waiting to go on a quest for freedom.

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