When The Sky Meets The Land

So the date is set! October 29 2016 @ The Front Yard.

I am currently in the middle of organising the official opening and exhibition of The Front Yard, so I couldn’t think of a better way to get everybody together and introduce people to the salon than an art exhibition!

My vision for this is to host an event that showcases art and introduces the “The Front Yard” to the Gold Coast but to have an afternoon that people can socialise and enjoy. I feel we need more events that expose the talents and wonderful local businesses that we have on the Gold Coast. We need more positive media that uplifts our neighbourhood and what we have around us!

I have talked to some local wineries – Witches Falls and Canungra Valley Vineyards and Burleigh Brewing Co. that were more than happy to come on board and support the opening.

We are also lucky to have The Irish Shakes Cocktail specialist and Libby The food Stylist to join the band-wagon and sponsor us with their specialty of the food wine and mixologist culture, and Izzy Sweetapple will be exhibiting as a supporting artist.

I want to produce pieces that people can relate to and feel a connection with so I am working on land, sky and local scenes of the Gold Coast and adding a bit of a spin on things by stencilling birds onto each piece. I like the idea of finishing my work with a stamp of my own trade mark.