Whaaaaat??? It’s D-day!… all go!

 Don’t know what I would do without these two! 

Five minutes to three and I’m lighting candles thinking what if no one shows up?

At least we have a great crew here now and an amazing selection of finely crafted food and beverages to enjoy.

The sun is shining after a rain filled week and The Front Yard looks so fresh with it’s clean white walls and floorboards, the art hanging from the ceiling and a beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered from Toogood flower studio.

The first lot of guests arrive, and then the next and so on, until the place is flooded with people enjoying the surroundings many enjoyable talents. Art, food, wine, music and cocktails… perfect! I had received so many compliments over the afternoon around 300 people turned up and I sold 3 Pieces of art. What a turnout! Was worth every nervous ambition.

A big HUGE THANK YOU to all our guests, special, talented souls and businesses the Canungra Valley Vineyards, Witches Falls Winery, The Irish Shakes, Burleigh Brewing Co. and Libby The Food Stylist that joined in and contributed to a fun afternoon. You are appreciated!