The Light Collection

Music and Art

Music lifts my day,
It comforts and cleans my mind and makes everything ok.
Music is my sanity it has helped me through my life.
It brings us love and friendship and helps us all unite.
I want to thank all the musicians who are here and passed away by nurturing our souls with music and making our lives whole every day.
I don’t know where I would be without this precious talented gift that you open to the world, your music sets me free.

Beth Gibbons from Portishead

Another year has almost past and I have been working on something new all this time.
I decided to give portraits a crack and turns out I’m doin ok at them!
Because this is a first I wanted to paint a subject that has really impacted my soul as my art does for me.
So I Decided to dedicate my love to the music and paint my favourite artists that have given me good memories over my life. Just like painting, listening to music is my therapy.

I have decided to do 6 in this series in black and white with just a pop of colour on each one.
This will be part of my LishiLou series (she’s coming out again!)
So far I have finished 4 and I don’t think I’ll get the rest finished as I have also opened a salon this year which is a whole different story but I thought I had better drop a line and let you know what I have been up to!
Ill look forward to showing you the finished 6 pieces in the new year, So for now keep ya head up and be free always.

Peace and love
Alishia AKA LishiLou

Dionne Warwick
Jim Morrison
Madlib and Quasimoto