New York Adventures! Wk 3

The final week always creeps up so fast!

We are now trying to fit everything in! There is never enough time to see all of what this wild city has to offer. Our house mate here has told us to visit the Cloisters in upper Manhattan it is now a medieval museum of arts. This museum is a castle that was shipped from Europe and built in the 1930s by George Grey Barnard and acquired by John D Rockefeller, Jr.

So as per usual the day had gotten away on us so we made it up by around 4-30pm we couldn’t get into the castle but the grounds were mind-blowing views overlooking the Hudson river over to New Jersey and the uptown. The lighting was so beautiful at this time of the afternoon I was kind of a bit mesmerised by this place! Immaculate grounds surrounded by water and the sun pouring golden light over this landscape, after being surrounded by city buildings for a couple of weeks I forgot how grounding nature can be. Sooooo yeah I loved this place and I would totally go back to check out the inside of the castle.

The rest of the week flew by!! We had to do one other touristy thing which was the Statue of Liberty cruise and yes you bet we missed the first trip so had to take the later one!! OMG will we ever learn!!!!! New York time seems to really kick us in the teeth ha ha but it was good to see that big ole monument in the flesh, the real American moment as I froze my butt off on the boat and I got my postcard shot he he.

Now for the hardest part…… saying goodbye to all the amazing people I had met in this fun city it was the standout of my trip thank you New York!! We will be back x x x x

Sunset Madness as the Cloisters
Castle view
Lamp obsessions
There She Is!!
Got the chillz