“A Version Of Paradise”

What an experience this has been!
I couldn’t even imagine what this would have been for me to exhibit my art in Brooklyn, a place where the art scene is thriving already.
A place that is conscious of celebrating culture, history, and activist movements.

I really felt true to myself being here although I was trembling with nerves inside!
As I was also projecting my own message through my own art, I am just a small blond Aussie/Kiwi trying to create peace, kindness, awareness and mindfulness for ourselves and each other. “What sets you free? “

Before the opening of my exhibition I wanted to run and hide, I just kept thinking “this is it!” All this hard work and passion all leads to this moment and I was crumbling! Crying actually ha ha I ain’t that tough when it comes to all lights on me.
Something that comes so deep from my core is on display.
All I wanted is to see people connecting to my art and thankfully that is exactly what happened.

I had so many engaging conversations with locals that grew up in the area, sharing their stories with me about the scenes I had painted.
I had guests before meeting them coming up to me asking for my picture to be taken with them and it blew me away.

My family and friends from very near and very far had come to experience this!
From feeling so venerable turned into a feeling of total nourishment from the people around me.
From this I have made great connections, rekindled old friendships and made new ones.

There was great music, good wine, good people, and a successful exhibition!
“A Version Of Paradise” ran for a week and if you have a moment you can check out the artist talk, a recorded video also on my blog which was really intimate and will give you an insight into my world of art and the meaning behind “A Version of Paradise”

I sold My Biggest Piece “Roll The Dice” which represented taking chances and stepping out of your comfort zone. It was a special piece and was sold to a dear friend in which I hadn’t seen for almost 15 years! I get really attached to my pieces so I love it when I know where they are going.

So this was worth every piece of energy I put into this!
An amazing event and so good to make connections and hang with the “Bishop Gallery” crew. Fire!!
This is only the beginning x x

I will be posting up the full art collection in my gallery soon. Where prints and original pieces will be also available for purchase on this website.