WOW! What a whirlwind it has been organising this exhibition.
I can’t believe I have arrived in Brooklyn finally and Friday is just around the corner!

Brooklyn in summer looks just amazing.
It has been so good to be Here again to feel all this vibrant energy of the city that I projected into my paintings.

Monday was exciting. We unwrapped the Paintings from the very carefully packed creates from “Pack’ n ‘send” .

This was a special moment, To be with the Gallery owners and some local friends from Brooklyn.
As we opened them it was cool to see how everybody felt so familiar and connected to the areas I had painted.
I have put so much soul into these paintings and for everybody to vibe off these scenes it meant a lot to me.

In the mean time I have been plastering my message up all over the phone polls, power boxes and any other visible areas I can find, there are birds all over NYC YEAH YEAH!
“ What Sets You Free? “
“ A Version Of Paradise ”

What makes you feel free? What is your version of paradise?

Today I am heading back to the gallery to see the paintings hung!
It will be so good to see them in their true environment.

After 2 years of work and now I have 2 days to go!