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New York coming in hot

Arriving to the fresh climate and an epic sunset at the Train station in Brooklyn Instantly and naturally made me feel excited. I keep having to pinch myself that I am here! The subway is pretty wild, I would get lost if i was here by myself for sure hectic. Feeling a little bit jaded […]

Keeping up 2017!

I needed to recharge and take it easy for a while after my operation. I have still had a few projects on the go but I have decided to an inspirational year this year. Taking everything in around me and planning some cool pieces for next years exhibition. So my partner is heading to New […]

Christmas Getaways

We branched out to try our under qualified camping skills for a night in Noosa!   Sundown vinos outside our tent. Not a bad spot considering we hadn’t booked anywhere F.Y.I make sure you do if you wanna go camping aye ha ha this was pure luck this spot We also went down to Melbourne […]

In the sweet summertime

After a busy year of painting and hairdressing its time to celebrate and let the ol hair down yew hew! I’m always checking in for some inspo, chilling in the sun and Christmas holiday getaways.

Super moon & De La Soul

We carried the hip hop road trip to Byron Bay. De La Soul is playin!! yes!! We got there and found out they had to post phone till Tues due to bad weather in Melbourne. Whaaat such standard kind of antics in our world. So we decided to do a tribute car park party by […]