Keeping up 2017!

This year like every year seems to fly!  

I needed to recharge and take it easy for a while after my operation. I have still had a few projects on the go but I have decided to an inspirational year this year. Taking everything in around me and planning some cool pieces for next years exhibition.

So my partner is heading to New York City in September, Brooklyn baby! his home away from home and is where he gets his fix of inspiration too and he is bringing me over with him whaaaattt! yeah yeah I’m meeting him over there in October. Probably every artists dream to hang out in New York for 3 weeks and plus we are freshly engaged ha ha yewwe!

I worked on a piece for him, it was the view outside his apartment window in Brooklyn. So much detail and intricate work went into it but it was nice to take my time with it. This was the Fresh piece that got me going for my next body of work coming up! Sooo good to feel energised again. Im back!