Hey 2020!


I know you’re all feeling the same way!

2020 has shocked us all and I certainly did not imagine this year I would reminiscing about wandering outside in the sun and catching up with my friends and family in person.

Memories like these!

Since coming back from New York I had my usual re- boot from painting but by December My head was flooding with new ideas calling me into the studio again.

Back in the zone

We had a trip back home to New Zealand to see my friends and family, I was missing everything about N.Z so it was the best medicine to be back home for the summer.

Summers in New Zealand are so stunning, rustic coastlines, deserted beaches surrounded by native bush and the consistent verse of Cicadas in the trees.

This break definitely had me in the zone again. Needed some quality down time back in the roots of my childhood.

Walking through the coastal bush tracks
NZ Paradise!
Ma Favourite beach

Tough times ATM all around the world, I hope ya’ll are all keeping ya chin up.

Keep in touch with your loved ones, and most importantly look after yourself too, I know for me and a lot of us uncertainty can be very unsettling.

If you are still home bound bring in some love for yourself and others today, make sure you are feeling whatever it is you feel inside, acknowledge and accept those feelings good or bad. We have choices everyday and sometimes it is hard to choose to feel good when you are training your mind to trust that everything is going to be ok.

Whether you are on your own or with others this takes constant inside self work everyday I know for sure! That is why I am dropping this line because I was feeling it hard in this time, I had to keep myself in check everyday. I am thankful for exercise, keeping my body and mind strong when I feel weakness coming and channeling into my art helps with that too.

I am not perfect and I am proud to say that because perfection is not everything and from things that are not perfect help us learn more about ourselves, and the more we know about ourselves, the more we can grow into the person we want to be to go get it!

With out fear and boundaries because you know who you are and you know what it is is like to be real and to know what real is.

We are all living and breathing the same air, we all want the same thing in life.

We all want those good vibes energising every little legend cell in our body.

“You got me stuck off the realness”    Like Mobb Deep!

So if ya feeling it at the moment I hope this makes you feel good.

Stay True, Stay you!

PEACE! Lishi x x

New Zealand Inspo Gallery

“New Chumbs” Beach


New Zealand Native “Pohutukawa Tree”
“Opito Bay”
Good Times, sun and cider
All to ourselves, February in the Coromandel is the time!
Birds with personality
Train Rides in the Coromandel
View From The top!
Meeting new friends while visiting my piece “Graffiti Clouds” shipped from Australia in its new home!
The view from my friends house that awaits for my piece “Roll The Dice” Very humbled. Cant wait to see it up on the wall, what a journey it will be all the way from Brooklyn, NYC 
The calm before the storm! Keep Ya chin up we got this! x