A Dedication to All Ya’ll

This year has been a wild one,  It has been so confronting on so many levels!

I feel that emotion has been a big word that shades my vision when thinking of this year, I somewhat feel like I am in survival mode!  The end of last year I had two of my close family members pass away and Australia was in bushfire strife.

Then 2020 we were hit with a global pandemic!

Adapting and helping others cope with this new way of life.

The reality of racism was brought to our attention all over the world and we protested freedom for our brothers and sisters, friends and family.

The one thing that I feel this year has done for me is that it has made me appreciate all the good people in my life, my family, friends, all the uplifters and the go getters, the conscious and the kind.

When life has a lot of lemons being thrown around you gotta mix them with honey!

I think this year has heavily influenced me to move deeper into the meaning of what art is to me. My art has a voice, always has but it is very significant to me now that I have a lot to say with my work. I am looking forward to sharing with you what I have been working on.

I am taking my time to work on a really special body of work that really are valued memories collaborating with life events, celebrating culture, and discovering the history of my Native American ancestry.

Fresh Plywood
Fresh Tools, Fresh Ideas

I really love what my very talented friend “Dick Burroughs” wrote for me in my new bio.

Here is a small paragraph written by him.

“Now more than ever, freedom is a word that is reverberating around the world and boldly declaring its intentions.

Lishi’s work champions freedom in its purest manifestations: freedom of the mind, freedom

to have the courage to speak up, freedom to be who you are with no fear, freedom to love

yourself and others, freedom of choice, freedom to create peace in a violent world”

My guy Dick Burroughs!

So this post is dedicated to all my good/amazing/talented people out there I appreciate all of you!

Keep uplifting, keep pushing and stay positive.

We are one.

Learn and love Lishi x x


Memories of this Smiff -N- Wessun concert in Brooklyn one year ago today. Community is key, spread love, share talent!  The world needs peace. x x
“We Belong To The Earth” A little taste of whats to come