New York adventures! Wk 2

I’m getting used to this city!

I’m even getting the hang of the subways ha ha. New York has so much more to offer than I thought, so much variety! Each suburb has a style and I am loving it all, Some of the locals say “they love living in New York its Dirty” ha ha its true.

Its like your favourite toy when you were a kid I had this old tattered up pillow that I dragged around everywhere and I loved it to bits there was no way anyone was going to take that thing off me Mum would have to sneak it away to wash it sometimes and I’d be so dark on her ha ha!

Williamsburg was a fancy lil joint. It’s got that hipstery kind of vibe if thats your style and the food was great!! Took us a while to find a good place with seating outside that wasn’t getting slammed but when we did it was worth the wait! When I was telling people that I was coming here they were warning me about how unhealthy and huge the meals were but I disagree.

I have had some goooood food over here and I am one of those annoying foody types you know I eat everything but I am fussy when it comes to my food you gotta look after yourself yo! Its part of making the most of your life if you want to do all the things you want to do. So while enjoying lunch and vinos we planned a trip upstate! We were told that it was epic up there and so we booked this cool looking b’n’b place on the water in a place called Catskill by Hudson. Yeeeeesss.

Chillin In the park