Who is LishiLou??

You might see on my Instagram I have sketches signed in LishiLou.

I have been joking around trying to find myself a Dj Name. All sorts popped up from friends ha ha… Lil Picasso was one of them. I decided on LishiLou as my middle name is Louise, it’s got a bit of kick to it I reckon.

So why sign my nickname on my sketches? Little story coming at you.

One bonus is my nice haircut. Votes say I should rock this for a while yeah yeah.

Four years ago I went in for an operation  to repair a hole in my eardrum, long story short I came out with a larger hole and another one with loss of hearing, so yeah unfortunately worse off than before. Since then I have a top knotch surgeon trying to fix it for me but unfortunately it involves taking the back of my ear off to repair the drum. This year I had my third ear surgery. I hate to be a buzz kill but the recovery is quite a wild ride. Its uncomfortable! So while I was off for three weeks, this time round the TV was just not cutting it for me, so I perked myself up by sketching and signing stuff in LishiLou made me feel good yeewwheeew! I like Lishlou, its got bounce yo!! …and thats what I want. Bring back the bounce! yewwwww!