How my ancestry has infulenced my art.

Sooo, ermm its 2022!!

I have been working on my new collection for 2 years now!!
Its been a slow but steady process, I have been diving deep into what my art is to me and how it helps me feel emotionally.
My art has always been my rock through out my whole life, when the going gets tough or I feel stuck my art is always there for my outlet.
It has also made me realise how good it is to express my emotions and life experiences through my work, like things I have learned or painting my dreams if they really hit me.
I love to work this into different scenes that grab me on the daily and put a significance to that.

I sometimes wonder if people have such an imaginative mind as I do.

In 2020 during the lockdown I decided to look more into my family history on my dads side, as my Grandma had Native American in her and her Grandma was a full blooded Beothuk Native from Newfoundland, Canada in our family tree it states that she united with the Iroquois.
Grandma was always so proud of her heritage, she had Native American tribal art, pictures, all around her house, lots of jewellery and she loved the Zuni Bird, maybe that is how I got my obsession with my own freedom birds.
Sometimes I just get so much urge when I connect with something, I feel the passion of what my grandma had for her heritage.
I bought this huge book on the history of the Beothuk, I wanted to know more about our past and it was somewhat humbling to read about your ancestors that had such a beautiful connection to our land, the sun, the moon and their people it was such a long time ago and I felt immersed in an ancient world. The Beothuk was the first tribe to be recorded painting themselves in Red Ochre and one of the first recorded native tribes.
Although this book was quite sad, as the Beothuk got wiped out and from disease, starvation from lack of food from settlers over hunting and fishing and taking over their land, the Beothuk was then declared an extinct tribe. I always question humanity, why are we so cruel? Why do we need power over each other? This is one thing that definitely upsets me about human nature.
I wish Grandma was still alive so I could ask her more questions about ‘her’ Grandma and how she ended up with the Iroquois, I was just young and having fun back then when she was around, and Grandma was fun! She always told me a lot of adventurous stories so I think a lot of spirit still lived in her.
Now as I am getting older my interests of discovery dig deeper!
But as I was learning more about the Beothuk and Iroquois culture the more I wanted to celebrate this found connection with my family history and it helps me feel close to my Grandma who has passed away.

So I decided to do a couple of paintings with Native American spirits in them, to celebrate who they are and that I don’t want their culture to be dead.
They are traditional keepers of the land, they honour our earth in which they call the “Great Spirit”
Worshipers of the sun and the moon.
I think I was so obsessed with reading about my ancestors because since I was a child I have always felt so connected to nature and my surroundings, I kind of always felt a bit out of place but now I somehow felt more “me” and not so afraid to be me also. I loved this rediscovery and if I could turn back time I wished Id discovered this along time ago but I guess I was more of a creative kid and maybe a little bit slow when it came to learning, But I was always Deep. Things come to you when the time is right.