Finding Courage

Another Year! Wow what a year it has been.
One filled with new challenges and I have definitely learned a lot this 2021.

I have been trying to embrace change and not fight it,
To push myself to remain positive and bring out the best I have in me. I have to be real and it wasn’t that easy! My creative mind can take me a lot of places and it is not always good, but this year I really wanted to try and push through the dark thoughts and truely learn about myself and my surroundings.

I wanted to find what truely makes me happy in a time where I can’t travel, and I can’t go back home to New Zealand to see my family possibly until who knows when!
There is something really powerful about not being able to do something, it is such a strange trigger to feel restricted, you start to really feel emotional about things and how lucky you once were to have that freedom in your mind knowing that everything is possible you just have to get out there or you always have that opportunity.
The online presence was full of debate and arguments, conversations heated everywhere because we just want to see a better world again. My heart is racing just writing this! But I don’t want this to be a negative post, I’m just learning like everyone.

This year has been the year that my art work reached a new level for me. It really was my escape, my peaceful expressive haven. My studio was the world I wanted to be in where I was free, I could process my thoughts that gave me ideas and helped me create these magical fantasy lands on canvas. Where I wanted to manifest a good world behind my brush, to paint my hopes and dreams of freedom and abundance.

I want to help people escape into this world with my art.

This painting was really therapeutic to paint. A moonlight beach accompanied by the “Yellow Tiger Goddess” She is the goddess of courage. I felt the urge to paint her because I feel this is something I would like to bring more into myself, the courage to be me wholeheartedly. I know I am different but sometimes I find it hard to celebrate that. I feel like this shy underground artist who likes to hide in her studio a lot! But I get frustrated with shyness and sometimes it creates such a barrier for me and I would like to be able speak up and own myself! Replacing shyness with courage, Like the “Tigress” Strong hearted, mysterious but peaceful and poised, she doesn’t pounce unless she needs to protect herself.

So I am really happy to share with you a few sneak peaks of my final piece for the end of the year,
There are others but I would like to release those in 2022.

This was something that I thought was a nice statement to end the year approaching 2022.

Finding Courage

Oil, aerosol, Pyrite, Quartz Crystal on Wood.

She roams through the dark night bathed by the moonlight, through the dark she focuses on the light.

Though things are shifting and changing around her she gently fades out the uncertainty. There is no need to force or defend – she quietly remains steadfast in her truth, learning the power of peace.

The courage to be wholeheartedly herself,
To hold onto that fierce roar in her heart that is untouchable.

She is the Tigress – strong, mysterious and protective.
She learns to stand true to her heart.

If you would like to view the full view of this painting and for enquiries on pre sale please jump onto my contact page.