“Nights At Monroe” The Full Story

“Nights At Monroe”

Completed April 2020

Oil, Aerosol, Mixed media on ply.

Available for pre sale, please enquire through email if you are interested!


This particular spot was special to me, Monroe and Marcus Garvey was the corner I was staying on in Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy, NYC. This was a bustling corner!  Always a bunch people hanging out on their stoops yelling enthusiastically, having a good time it looked to me, seemed to be a crew hanging out in the shops too.  I would just smile if my eyes ever engaged with anyone, During the day no one seemed to be shy to say hello or they would just nod their heads. I liked it here, feeling like the new kid and I definitely was. Back in Brooklyn being mesmerised by my surroundings.

One early morning walking home at 3am, the corner was unusually quiet but there was still a little bit  happening like always. I looked around and saw the Chicken Shop Glistening with some guy standing at the door, I noticed the street signs and the dark road glistening from the street lamps.

I thought “I bet heaps of people have probably stopped at that corner for a 3am fix for years”.

PING it was a creative trigger, I had to remember this corner.

Although there is a story behind painting this corner and how it grabbed me, as you all know I like to put meaning into my pieces so I thought I would share with you my recent vision with my new body of work. The First to the Sequel “A Version Of Paradise” This will be titled “Through My Eyes”

I want people to see inside my eyes and a look into my way of thinking.

On the power box I have written “Create Art, Not pollution”. I was inspired to write this as I feel as humans we are polluting our planet not only physically but emotionally as well,  I am a huge believer in the energy we give, and the beautiful energy our earth gives to us. We should not take this for granted and we should not take each other for granted either! We need to look after our earth.

As I painted this I looked into the history of “Marcus Garvey” as he has as a street named after him so I was interested to know more about who he was. A very interesting read and quite a lot of controversy around him but what I did like to read is that he was a very strong determined person, who took pride in his heritage, his people and gave a voice in his community. He did manage to help and inspire. He told his listeners what they wanted to hear—that a black skin was not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness. I could imagine how powerful those words would have sounded in his time and I admire that.

I did state something that is not uncommon but it is very true! “The World Needs Peace” This was when Covid just hit us and I was feeling a little uneasy, with peace comes love.

I also cut out and glued “Art Exhibition” from a news paper article that was written about me to remind myself about the power of art, and how I want my next exhibition to be my way of speaking.

The Lamp has a trickling light turning into a river down onto the street. This is to remember that we are on sacred land and to honour that always.

Of course my bird is in there representing the question “what sets you free?”

The freedom to choose your path, speak up, dig deep and be your purest self.

Celebrate that!

Welcome to my world!

Through my eyes.

Sending ya’ll love always!

Lishi x x x x

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